A short film by Djie Han Thung
6 minutes
35mm scope (35mm squeeze anamorphic)

The account of a cameraman in the 1920’s who runs into an isolated tribe in the jungle. They try to warn him for an unknown danger that looms over him and maybe even the rest of the world.
Through his point of view and the material he has shot with his camera, we learn what has happened to him.


the cameraman: Rutger Storm
native 1: Bruno Oleona
native 2: Oscar Lajar
shaman: Johan Marjono
voice over: Dick Tuinder

written and directed by Djie Han Thung
camera: Rutger Storm
producer the Netherlands: Ingrid Al
producer Indonesia: John Badalu
line producer Indonesia: Eric Gunawan
music and sound: Spinvis
editor: Djie Han Thung
mixed by Marco Vermaas
filmed with Thierry Tronchet's 16 SCOPE system
camera assistant: Dedih Nur Fajar Paksi
art direction: Citra Umi
equipment: Suwanda
postproduction: Studio Vermaas
drivers: Imam Aradhuno, Kustoro
runners: Adeng, Burman
archive material: smalfilmmuseum Hilversum

special thanks to
Camera Rentals Amsterdam
Valkieser Capital
Henk Verheul
Jonathan Mechanicus

this film is realized with support of het Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst

Biography and filmography of the director
Djie Han Thung is a maker of short films, musicvideo’s and animations.

Short films
Lens (2006)
Eat this! (animation 1999)
Monster (animation 1999)
Between the stars (1998)
The sum of the parts/ De som der delen (1994)

Djie Han Thung
Frederik Hendrikstraat 164-E
1052 JG Amsterdam NL
e-mail: dh@thung.nl
tel: +31 (0)6 28190705